Feb 13

Digital Marketing For Chiropractors

Looking for ways to improve your chiropractic marketing strategy, but not sure where to start? Below are some ideas you can implement quickly to enhance your practice marketing and start seeing more new patients.

Generate Leads with Content Marketing

The best thing you can do to generate buzz in the chiropractic industry is to answer the questions consumers are typing into Google on a regular basis, via a blog. But it goes so much further than that. Say consumer wants to know more about their lower back pain. He does a quick search in Google and finds your blog post on “10 Causes of Lower Back Pain.”

After reading, he then notices your free downloadable ebook at the bottom of the blog post, entitled “7 Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain.” So, he downloads it in exchange for his name and email address. After that, you can begin sending him timely emails with more helpful content, such as videos, infographics, and blogs to help nurture this new lead into a customer. He will eventually be ready to have a sales conversation, as you’re the one who has helped him and established his trust. Once he’s delighted with your service, he’ll go and tell his friends, family, and colleagues – becoming a brand advocate on social media!

Use Facebook to Offer Value

In his recent LinkedIn article, David Bradley outlines how to get the attention of potential clients on Facebook – a useful platform, but one that is already flooded with marketing competing for people’s attention. “Making a high value, low barrier offer is best to engage your audience. For a chiropractor, a free massage can work very well as something that is highly attractive, but low barrier (since it is free).” Once you’ve offered something free to grease the rails, people will be more inclined to go to you in the future.

Get involved

You can never go wrong participating in your community. Aside from getting your practice name out there, you show everyone that you care about the community as a whole. Donate to a local charity, sponsor a pee-wee football team, or create a scholarship for local students.

Add an Events page to your practice website that you update regularly with the local events your office will be participating in. Share the events with your existing patients and encourage them to participate with you. These types of initiatives not only show website visitors that you’re invested in your community, you show patients that you truly care. A win-win.

Business Massage Program

Our business massage program was responsible for producing between 20 and 30 new patients per month in our clinic. It was relatively easy to do, required very little of my time, and was obviously very productive. In order to do this program you will need the following:

  • A preferably just out of school female massage therapist
  • A massage chair
  • Bottles of water

Hiring a bubbly fun massage therapist is the first step to success here. I would sit down with our new therapists and explain what chiropractic is and how we can work together to help patients. I would let them know that part of their job was going to be making phone calls to local businesses to set up massage appreciation days. They would be responsible for setting up locations, doing massages, and offering incentives for employees to come into our clinic.

Internet Marketing

I have a chiropractic internet marketing business so it’s no secret that I love this marketing tool. Internet marketing can produce over a hundred new patients per month, but realistically it will probably not be your largest producing marketing tool. It’s power comes from the fact that it does not take up your time. If you work with a company like Inception Chiropractic Websites you basically have a set it and forget it system in place for you.

I put together a very comprehensive article on this topic with a number of videos to walk you through what you should be looking for. Educate yourself on this topic and you will get the most of our your marketing dollars. Don’t fall victim to the false promises that are out there.