Feb 13

Internet Marketing Strategies Local Car Washes In Brisbane

Marketing for carwash businesses usually involves advertisements in local newspapers and coupons in direct mail advertising packages. When the economy struggles, the carwash business owner must use other marketing methods to bring in more customers, and try different strategies to attract the customers. A great strategy for the carwash business in marketing is to promote environmental tactics, such as saving water and energy usage.

Online marketing can show people where the carwash business is located and social media can promote environmentally-friendly activities. Article marketing can feature ways to conserve water at the carwash.

To reach people in local areas, using local search and local map listings pay-per-click advertising for local keyword searches is also a promising avenue for carwash marketing.

Car wash advertising on the Internet gives the business a chance to get great prices, fast results and many marketing techniques to get the word out. There are many ways to use Internet marketing and there are many ways that a carwash business can utilize them to their advantage.

Google Maps and other Mapping Services

First and most importantly, you need your physical car wash location to be registered online. Why? Well, when someone needs a car wash and they pull out their phone and check Google Maps for the nearest Car Wash (and directions to get there) you want to show up in the results. More than that, you want it to appear for related search terms including ‘car wash’ ‘carwash’ ‘car cleaning’ ‘auto wash’ and more. Google maps is probably the biggest of these services with MapQuest, Apple Maps, and Waze as other options.

These services may add your location automatically with public-record information, but it is always best to take control and optimize your profile with a correct address, location, phone number, and other contact info. You can also moderate reviews as they start to role in.

Yelp and Other Review Directories

Reviews are a huge part of life these days. By some surveys, including information collected by Adweek (HERE), almost 9/10 Millennials check online reviews before making purchases—be they large (new cars) or mundane (where to go for lunch, where to get a car wash). If your car wash has bad reviews you will bleed customers as they glance through and head for a higher-reviewed wash.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take. Most review sites like Yelp (the biggest) which host reviews won’t allow you to remove those reviews from your page, but they will give you the option to respond to critics and, possibly, overturn negative reviews to boost your scores. It is also possible to offer an incentive your best customers in exchange for positive reviews (boosting your score). Yelp, SuperPages, Facebook pages, and Google Plus Local are some of the most important review directories. Also, you may have a page already, as Yelp also adds businesses from public records, and claiming your page is quite straightforward.

Facebook and Social Networks

Millions and millions of Americans are on social media now and many will use it to vet local companies before patronizing them. A good social media page will host reviews, but primarily it will serve as a place to share updates and build a following (like an email list but more interactive). Link to your blog articles, share local updates, host promotions, even look for help on social media.

Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter are the most important sites to start with, and keeping up with comments or reviews takes less time than you might expect.